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Serra da Estrela AOP Cheese

Sheep milk cheese curdled by using thistle flowers

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  • Product origin: Celorico da Beira, Portugal
  • Ingredients: raw sheep's milk, salt and thistle flowers
  • Weight: approximately 750g
  • The displayed price is for each unit of cheese
  • Note: Serra da Estrela cheese can be more or less creamy depending of the season.

Portugal offers a variety of quality cheeses, especially sheep and goat milk’s cheese. The production is limited to certain fall and winter months and still uses ancient and traditional techniques that date back 2000 years.

One the best examples is the Serra da Estrela cheese, an excellent “visiting card” of Portugal, a country where local traditions marked the identity as well as the quality of each produce, whose manufacture is still very artisanal.

It is a DOP sheep’s milk cheese curdled using a thistle flower infusion and it’s cylindrical shape has slightly rounded edges. Its internal texture, of exquisite flavour, is runny, smooth, lightly tart and enclosed in a yellow, almost golden, rind. Goes very well with great wines.

Serra da Estrela cheese is made with milk from an exclusive breed of sheep, the “bordaleira”, which lives in the heights of the alpine pastures of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, situated in east central Portugal, on a mountain range that peaks at an altitude of 1993 meters.

Portuguese playwright Gil Vicente paid tribute to this famed cheese in his writings. He was one of the greatest playwrights in the transition from Middle Ages to Renaissance.  Often regarded to as the Father of Portuguese modern drama, Vicente’s work is both lyrical and prosaic, real and mystical.

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