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Nori Algae

Porphyra spp. algae

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  • Product origin: Ílhavo, Portugal
  • Ingredients: dehydrated Porphyra spp. marine macroalgae
  • Weight: 30g

Nori is a source of protein, minerals (phosphorus, selenium and zinc), vitamins (A, B12 and E), iodine and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The nori is the most consumed seaweed in the world. It is the basis for making sushi, a Japanese specialty very rich in minerals and protein. Nori sheets are very thin and flexible, with a very dark color. This algae has a delicate and fragrant taste, with a slightly smoky woody flavour, reminiscent of tea or dried mushrooms. It has a unique layered texture. 

Nori leaves rehydrates after 2 minutes in water. Barely moistened, the leaves are ready to eat. When cooked, soaking isn’t required and the nori will be ready from 15 minutes up to 1 hour, depending on the recipe.

The nori sheets are used to wrap the vinegared rice preparations with vegetables, raw fish or fish roe for sushi or maki.

The nori can be crumbled and integrated in a preparation. You can embed the minced porphyra in bread dough, meat dishes, casseroles, salted cakes, patties, stuffed vegetables, mashed potatoes, marinades, béchamels, cold or hot sauces and for making omelets. It also goes well with rice and mushrooms can be replaced with the seaweed in some recipes.

Nori can be used dry, with raw vegetables and salads.

Nori, grilled just a few seconds over a flame without burning it, takes a crispy texture and a green tint. It will crumble with your fingers and can be used to enhance the taste of soups, broths, sauces or eggs.

To decorate your dishes, use nori strips.

After rehydration, it increases its weight by five times.

2 grams per person are enough.

100% natural product.

Dehydration made at low temperature and at a humidity percentage of 12%.

Analyses are performed by a certified laboratory.

Once opened, be sure to seal the package to prevent the entry of air.

The nori must be stored away from moisture.

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